Stafford Robinson

A multiple award-winning director, Stafford has directed more than 200 high-end commercials in the past 12 years. As Director of Photography, he has shot commercials, corporate and music videos, documentaries, dramas and feature films, and has worked on most continents, including Antarctica.
Among his many honours and awards, he counts a Grand Prix Mauritius award, numerous Gold, Silver and Craft Awards for cinematography, a Silver Loerie and SA Advertising Awards. He has been a Cannes Finalist and in 2003 one of his commercials was selected to appear in the prestigious Shots magazine of the United Kingdom. Stafford’s philosophy about filmmaking is simple:

“If you employ people who are twice as intelligent, twice as motivated and twice as creative as you are, then who’s the smart one!?”

Off set, Stafford is a keen horseman who has held a New Zealand Permit to train racehorses since 1983. He owns and manages a stud farm that breeds Hanoverian horses for the Olympic disciplines of Dressage, Show jumping and Eventing.

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