Client: Cadbury
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
In July 2009 I was sent the original script for Cadbury ‘Ostrich’. It had come to me through a contact of Glen’s in London, someone who knew it was just the sort of thing I love doing.
At that time I had no idea who the client was, there was no product shown, the script didn’t even have a title, but I could tell it was great idea, and in an industry where great ideas have become a rare commodity I was immediately hooked.
When I discovered the film was to be 90’ long and was the next in the ‘Glass and Half Full Productions’ series, which began with ‘Gorilla’ I was over the moon – opportunities to direct a film like this come along once or twice in a career (if you’re lucky).
As to whether the finished film will be as fondly remembered as its predecessors – only time will tell, but the early signs are good. The shooting process went like a dream and the performances and production values are already looking great, a couple of weeks of post production will finish what has been an incredible journey. Watch this space…

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  1. So the spot eventually finished…one of those where you get so close to it that we could probably have carried on in flame for another month……any way comments are always welcome and the spot seems to be well liked. Just won a gold at the “Golden Hammer” awards. Looking forward to the crowd reaction when it screens at Cannes next week…..there are currently 2 music tracks, my preference is “I gotta be me” which is the version on the web, the other is “Nessum Dorma” which is flighting in Europe and at cannes.

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