Marthinus Lamprecht

Marthinus Lamprecht
Marthinus has won various awards for his short films both for Directing and Writing, among them the Special Jury Prize at the Durban International Film Festival for “The Strike” …’for telling a socially relevant story and providing an emotionally balanced take on a historically important event.’

He has directed music videos for EMI Records, Sting Music and worked with many celebrities such as Leon Schuster, Albert De Wet, Sorina Erasmus (Flooz) and Christina Storm.

Marthinus worked in Los Angeles at global powerhouse Anonymous Content as an assistant to Directors Mark Romanek, Jonas Akerlund, Samuel Bayer, David Slade and observed the works in progress by David Fincher, Guy Ritchi and Alejandro Ganzales Inarritu.

His Spec Spots certainly have been mistaken for Broadcasted execution and one got a short-listing nod at the 2010 Cannes Mofilm festival.

Narrative drives all his projects, his classical approach enables him to communicate with various audiences on a personal level.

Marthinus is excited to be back in South Africa and we are happy to have him onboard the Catapult team.
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