John Barker

After completing a four year diploma in graphic design John moved to London where he cut his teeth working on the Big Breakfast morning show. During this time he was encouraged to start writing and directing short inserts. Evolving from this he created his first short film, Rasta Dogs, a parody of Reservoir Dogs.

John returned to SA and initially deployed his skills making music videos, documentaries and, finally, a feature film: Bunny Chow, which he co-wrote, co-produced and directed. A challenging labour of love – which occasionally necessitated stealing his wife’s credit card – the film won acclaim internationally, featuring at several festivals, including the Toronto Film Festival, premiering in New York and scooping up honors at such prestigious ceremonies as the Tiger Awards.

During his time in South Africa John began directing commercials and shot work for, amongst others, Nando’s, Mugg and Bean and Converse. In 2011 he focused his energy on directing his second feature film: 31 Million Reasons, which was released in Jan 2012 through Nu Metro.

John has recently teamed up with Catapult to pick up where he left off in directing TV commercials.

Nokia Spot: Come Closer Lesoto

Bunny Chow: Trailer

31 Million Reasons: Trailer




Converse: Monster Truck

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