About Us

Catapult Commercials was launched in 2007 by Ré Storm and Richard Lawton.

In 2008 Glen Bosman joined the team as Executive Producer, and with John Vrey as producer, Catapult now represents directors Mosese Semenya, Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Stafford Robinson, John Barker, Marthinus Lamprecht, Jonathan Finnigan and Peter Truckel.

Catapult is relatively new – but not young!

Drawing on a wealth of talent and experience, Catapult produces local and international commercials that are fresh, relevant and memorable.

Our directors are a mix of experienced and dynamic, vibrant and young, bringing confidence, energy and impetus to every project.

Our wide range of clients is serviced with minimum fuss, maximum reliability, loads of enthusiasm and major creativity.

Catapult is part of the international change consultancy, The Raintree group, headed by Richard Lawton.

What We Offer

Talent – We set out to attract the best.

Experience – We have it in buckets.

Reliability – You are in safe hands.

Relevance – We keep ourselves informed.